Solving the need for
mass sorting and culling
day-old male chicks

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The Problem

Unwanted by the egg and meat industries, ~7 billion male chicks are culled around the world annually by inhumane and costly methods


7 Billion

Male chicks culled globally (2016)

via high-speed maceration grinders, asphyxiation, electric shock, and
other means


~7 Billion

Industry costs due to male chick culling

A global 50% increase in demand for eggs from 2020 to 2035 will exacerbate the issue of male chick culling at a faster pace

Our Solution

Our sustainable sexing solution hatches only female chicks,
removing the need for male chick culling altogether.

By integrating our technology into your line:


  • Our female layer breed will lay eggs, from which only wild-type female layers will hatch
  • Male embryos will cease developing in early embryogenesis and will not hatch, eliminating the need for sexing, sorting and culling
  • Both the egg-layer hens and the table-eggs that they lay are non-GMO, and are genetically identical to the egg-layers and eggs currently used in the industry


We hatch only female chicks by targeting male chromosomes in the breeding line


Change to Female Parent

Poultry by Huminn utilizes technologies to affect a change to only the female parental Z chromosome which segregates only to male embryos. Due to chromosomal segregation, female layers will never be affected by this change


Only Female Layers Hatch

Male eggs will cease development at a very early embryogenesis (only two layers of cells) due to the Z chromosome from their female parent.
Female eggs, receiving wild-type chromosomes, will hatch and develop without GMO.


Non-GMO Poultry Products

Non-GMO female chickens will create poultry products for household use.
Male eggs that do not hatch can be used for alternative uses (e.g. animal feed) dependent on local regulation, as they will contain traces of GMO.


Potential doubling of egg-production capacities

The only solution that prevents male chicks from hatching and eliminates sorting and killing

End to end solution taking into consideration the current production process in the poultry industry

Applied at breeding levels our technology causes only minimal changes to processes used currently in the industry

Ease of integration into the industry interface, only applying minor or no adjustments

Potential savings of 50% in incubation space, significant reductions in egg production costs, and considerable improvement to global sustainability 

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