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NRS Poultry featured in i24 channel

13 January, 2022

NRS Poultry

NRS Poultry featured in i24 channel

Israeli tech aims to block hatching of billions of male chicks fated for culling

18 July, 2021

Jessica Steinberg | The Times of Israel

Rehovot team finds ‘genetic modification’ to halt embryogenesis, stopping formation of males when they are just a cell cluster; males routinely killed because they can’t lay eggs

The latest development in the egg industry that will cease male chicks culling

18 October, 2020

Noa Fisher

The innovative solution from The Volcanic Institute and NRS Poultry is proposing to make a genetic change in chickens, which will prevent the male eggs from developing. The work is already in the final stages of development and it is possible that in about three years no more chicks will be destroyed.

NRS Poultry featured on Israeli evening news

14 October, 2020

N12 News channel

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